Meditation / Calm. Relaxed. Joyful.

Meditation is the core of yoga practice. It can be argued that all of the yoga practices are oriented to developing the conditions and skills for meditation.

5 useful tips for success in meditation

A simple definition of meditation is: “Meditation is being with what is.” In meditation we take time to do two things:

  • meet ourselves where we are, right here and now
  • meet ourselves just as we are

Obviously, the attitude we have when we approach any activity will influence how we feel and how the activity will unfold. So, if instead of seeing meditation as a chore, we choose to see the practice as establishing an intimate relationship with ourselves, we may be more likely to enjoy it. This is key to establish consistency, because it is easier to practice something that we find enjoyable.

Favoring the following 5 suggestions can be very helpful in creating an effective and enjoyable practice:

  • Find a comfortable position
  • Choose a focal point
  • Let go off any and all judgement
  • Persist with gentle curiosity

Often when we try to practice meditation we may find it frustrating to notice that the voices in our head cannot seem to stop. Another frequent challenge arises when we notice how often we get distracted. Noticing our internal chatter and that we are getting distracted are already signs that show that we can witness these activities from a different vantage point instead of allowing them to derail us. This is a sign that our meditation is working because we can separate ourselves from the habitual activites of our mind. I would suggest savoring that as we return to our focal point.

I hope you find many opportunities to enjoy connecting to yourself through your meditation practice.

Free meditation resources

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata)

The Dance of Shiva is a form of moving meditation rescued by Ukranian Yoga Teacher Andrey Lappa. The practice starts with two basic patterns, horizontal and vertical. Each pattern consists of 4 simple arm positions. In the Dance of Shiva the practitioner moves the arms between these four basic positions. Although it sounds quite simple, it is astounding how complex the practice can become.

This practice is very helpful in cultivating:

  • Attention, Concentration & Focus
  • Coordination
  • Expanded mental processing capacity
  • New mental and emotional patterns that can contribute to remove old habits and patterns that are no longer useful

As usual, as we practice we:

  • Let go of all struggle, forcing and strain
  • Favor easeful and fluid movements
  • Try to go beyond what is already easy for us to keep encouraging expansion
  • Enjoy our exploration
  • Sit in stillness and silence for at least a couple of minutes to enjoy the effects of the practice
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