Basic principles for practicing yoga

Be mindful of these simple principles to make your yoga practice safe, effective and enjoyable.

Victorious 'whispering' (Ujjayi) breath

Use this type of breathing during your practice of yoga postures and movements to expand your breathing capacity and to integrate breath, body and mind.

Basic Standing Posture (Mountain - Tadasana)

Establish a firm and balanced foundation for standing, walking and all standing yoga postures.

Release lower back tension and pain

This relaxing sequence helps release tightness in the thighs, hips and lower back.

Restoring balance in the hips to relax the lower back

This simple practice can help you uncover and address imbalances in the pelvic area to help release tension in the lower back.

Prevent low back pain by balancing the hips and thighs

Use this sequence to discover differences between your left and right sides and to creater greater balance and flexibility.

Simple and easy posture to relax the back, shoulders and chest

Use this posture to let go of tension in the chest, shoulders and neck. Stay in the posture for several minutes and enjoy!

Yoga sequence to release tension in shoulders and neck

Discover areas of restricted mobility in your shoulders and improve your mobility to relax your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Sitting posture to keep the spine healthy and supple

Optimize your sitting posture to honor the natural curves in your spine and to facilitate comfortable breathing.

Yoga sequence to relax and improve the flexibility of your shoulders

Enjoy this sequence and expand the range of movement in your shoulders to relax your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Breathing for relaxation and meditation

Enhance your awareness of the breathing process, lengthen your inhalations and exhalations, relax and quiet your mind.

3 minute meditation exercise for beginners

A simple way to train our minds in focusing, just starting with 3 minutes.

Simple Meditation for Beginners 16 minutes

An easy way to relax and calm your mind.

Movements for Healthy Joints 11 minutes

Easy movements to help maintain a healthy range of movement in the joints. Can be used as warm up for exercise.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Introduction 9 minutes

Simple, effective and enjoyable technique to improve concentration, coordination and mental processing capacity. Can be used as preparation for formal meditation.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Combining Horizontal and Vertical 6 minutes

To expand our abilities including coordination and focus, we can combine the two patterns.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Modified Initial Position 16 minutes

Once you know the basic positions and movements, enhance your concentratioin, coordination and mental processing capacity by starting from different arm positions. Can be used as preparation for formal meditation.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Linking Horizontal - Vertical 7 minutes

To expand your abilities and to clarify the positions, you can add linking each position in one pattern to all of the positions in the other pattern. Notice if it helps you focus.

Moving Meditation: Dance of Shiva (Shiva Nata) Combining Arms and Legs 10 minutes

To enhance your repertoire of movements and to increase the level of complexity, you can combine leg movements with the arm movement patterns. Observe if this may increase your concentration and coordination.

Introduction to Meditation in 5 minutes

A very simple approach to meditation.

11 Simple Steps to Meditation

A very simple approach to meditation. Details on the 11 steps

Chair Yoga

Complete yoga asana practice in a chair to expand perspective and clarify interrelationships between body parts and joint actions.